My very first Chinastore experience

By GeneralX on Monday 4 May 2015 18:39 - Comments (8)
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Here goes: my first post on this weblog. I tried to write two of those before, but they failed in early stages. Mostly because I could not reproduce the problems and/or the solutions (thanks to AMD). So the first post will be a rant. So be it. Also, it will not include much of my personal information. I know that you don't care about that, you just want to be amused or informed.

Slightly longer than two months ago, I decided to buy a new phone. The old one, my Jiayu G3, still works great but it is starting to fall apart. It has been almost 3 years since I bought this phone through Tweakers Vraag en Aanbod. The back cover is only kept in place by the protective case and the battery life is slowly reducing. (Actually, for such an old phone, the battery life of 36hrs is very nice :X ) So do I really need a new phone? I don't care, I just want a new phone and I do not have to defend my decisions here!

In my mind, my list of demands was short. After 5 minutes of Pricewatching I started to realise I might actually be very picky. Or maybe it is really hard to make a phone like the Jiayu G3 these days, let a lone a better one. Just for the sake of completeness, here is my list of demands:
  • 720p screen with screen diagonal of 4.5"-5.0"
  • One-hand operation (no longer than 150mm in my case)
  • SD-card expansion
  • Battery capacity equal to or exceeding 2700 mAh
  • Maximum price of 200 euro
  • Android
The Pricewatch only provides 1 (one) choice: the Acer E700 Liquid.
One choice means no choice. I want to have a choice. I need to feel like I am in control. I realised I might have to find a Pricewatch dedicated to smartphones.

5 minutes on Kimovil made me realise that it was not my fault; I am not picky! :z
At the time, the Elephone P6000 caught my eye. The battery was slightly smaller than my old phone, but all other specifications were acceptable. The most important thing: it was available at a Chinese webstore that I had actually heard of before I came to Kimovil: DealeXtreme. I trusted this website, for I had heard of many Tweakers who bought their stuff there. Some friends at the university had purchased electronics there. I even had an account there, even though I never ordered there before.

On the 2nd of March, I placed my order. On the 10th of March, my order was fully shipped. On the 16th of March (according to PostNL International Parcel Tracking), my order arrived at a sorting office in China.
The support desk at has a FAQ, where it mentions the question "My package has not arrived 20 days after payment". So on the 22nd of March I opened a ticket and asked the people at if they could give me an ETA of my package. The extremely polite, extremely quick response came a few hours later: I might have to wait a little bit longer, usually it should take at most 25 business days after the payment was received. Fine by me, my Jiayu G3 still works and the battery life is not bad.

On the 8th of April, I wrote to the Support that my package had been on its way for 26 business days, but that the tracking information had not changed since the 16th of March. I thanked them for their patience, their fast reply and apologised for bothering them again. I told them I was worrying a little bit and asked if everything was going as planned. The super polite, super fast reply was that they would start an 'investigation' into my package and its whereabouts.

On the 19th of April, I wrote to the Support that I appreciated their quick replies, but that 'investigation' sounded very serious to me. I asked the Support how their investigation was going. The reply came very fast and it was very polite. After asking for my forgiveness, it mentioned that my package had been lost in transit. I was presented with 3 options:
  • Receive the price of my order in Store Credit
  • Reship my order
  • Refund of my purchase
I really wanted this particular phone, so I chose option 2 and asked for reshipping. The reply was swift and polite: a new order had been made, marked as 'urgent' and would be shipped ASAP. The support ticket was closed after this message and I was asked to: rate my communication with the polite guy from Support that never sleeps; and rate my shopping experience. From my point of view, the shopping experience had not been completed, so I did not give my ratings yet. This took place on the 21st of April.

The FAQ of also mentions the option: 'My order has not been shipped 7 business days after payment.' So on the 3rd of May I wrote to the Support that I was very pleased with their support so far, but that my order had not been shipped yet. The FAQ said that there could be several reasons for this, but only 1 could possibly apply in this situation: the product was out of stock. I told the Support that I found this unlikely, since I was told that my order would be shipped with great urgency. If the product had been out of stock at the time, surely someone would have mentioned this before I chose from the 3 previously mentioned options? So I expected that the status had not been updated and wondered if the staff could give my an ETA of my package.

The kind reply came very quickly: the product was indeed out of stock, so I was given two options:
  • Receive the price of my order in Store Credit
  • Refund of my purchase
At this point, I was very confused. The product page of my phone had clearly stated: ships within 7-10 business days and it still does at the time of writing (4th of May). Clearly, 11 business days had passed since the 21st of April. so the package should have shipped already.
I replied the Support that the current price of the Elephone P6000 was quite a bit lower (more than 20 dollars, which is close to 20 euros these days) and that I would therefore like to receive the price of my order in Store Credit. However, I would only use this to buy the Elephone P6000 again and save 20 dollars. I suggested that they simply transfer the price difference and continue the shipping process of my current order.

Dear diary, if I were given the option to rate the shopping experience, I would give the lowest possible score. I had never ordered from China before, but I am starting to feel I should have bought the Acer.

Update: The reply from DX came quickly and was very polite. It pointed out that my product had just been shipped, my order status had been updated to Fully Shipped and the staff wondered if I had changed my mind about the refund. As a matter of fact, I had.
What I deduced is that the product was not really out of stock. I don't like speculating, so I won't, but I am left in a somewhat suspicious mood after these events.

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By Tweakers user Kiswum, Monday 4 May 2015 18:50

Dear diary, next time I will buy a Xiaomi for €150,- and don't keep too focused on the Chinese way of branding the battery performance. 2200mAh from a great brand will also be perfect to make it through 2 days.
I would possible take the Xiaomi Redmi 2 Pro with 2GB of memory and 4G as well for ~€170,-.

Tweaker Kiswum: Xiaomi Redmi 2 review (English version)
productreview: Xiaomi Redmi 2 Wit review door Kiswum

Note to myself: More information about ordering phones from China can be found over here: [Ervaringen] Online shoppen in China - Deel 2a
And here is also some info:
Het topic voor (onbekende) Chinese smartphones - Deel 2


By Tweakers user Blokker_1999, Monday 4 May 2015 19:31

Heb zelf ook nog altijd een G3 :+ Ben nu aan het wachten op de nieuwe Windows telefoons van MS eind dit jaar om hem te vervangen. Alleen spijtig dat die tweede sim op mijn G3 zo nukkig doet.

En ja, foutieve stock indicatie is iets dat je in 101 webwinkels tegenkomt, maar daarvoor moet je echt niet naar China kijken hoor. Ik lig nu zelf ook al 2 weken over en weer te mailen met een winkel in NL over een niet al te kleine bestelling. Op de site staat dat alles ofwel binnen is ofwel binnen 3 dagen leverbaar. Na een week informeer ik: product X is niet op stock, al de rest komt deze week binnen. Dus ik vraag om dan een deellevering te maken. Dat doen ze dan ook, en tot mijn verbazing is product X netjes opgenomen in de deellevering, maar kom ik van product Y en Z meer dan de helft te kort (hoewel daar in de eerste mail helemaal geen sprake van was) en steekt men de schuld van de miscommunicatie ook nog eens op hun leverancier (hoe kan die nu een invloed hebben op wat de verkoper zelf in stock had?).

Wat ik zelf van de chinezen door de jaren heen onthouden heb: hun engels is niet altijd even goed, maar ze doen wel veel moeite om de klant gelukkig te houden.

By Tweakers user Silent7, Monday 4 May 2015 19:36

Well, I've had issues with DX as well. I nowadays only use it for the small and cheap nick nacks and after ordering just forget about it to receive a surprise some time (or better often a lot of time) later.

I have been using aliexpres for a lot of orders now, and this really works out great, the sellers are anxious to get a good review and even though the time it takes to get stuff here is not short the protection system of aliexpress warns you if a product is not been flagged as received. In case of no delivery you will be refunded but one can always contat the sellers directly and make a deal. The was one order not correctly, I ordered a set of atomic building blocks (simply put a whole bunch of plastic valls in different color and with various number of holes in them, combined with rods one can make molecules out of atoms, very nice. But customs had checked the package and a lot of balls had fallen out, two mails later the seller simply send a new one.

By Tweakers user Haas_nl, Monday 4 May 2015 20:04

Ordered a tablet on aliexpress with DHL shipping it arrived in 5 days from hongkong :)

By Tweakers user GeneralX, Monday 4 May 2015 20:23

Kiswum wrote on Monday 04 May 2015 @ 18:50:
Dear diary, next time I will buy a Xiaomi for €150,- and don't keep too focused on the Chinese way of branding the battery performance. 2200mAh from a great brand will also be perfect to make it through 2 days.
I would possible take the Xiaomi Redmi 2 Pro with 2GB of memory and 4G as well for ~€170,-. :+
Dear Kiswum,
Hopefully, the purpose of this blog and this post in particular has not missed you attention: I did not come here for advise. Nevertheless, it is much appreciated. In case you actually care, I can explain why I chose the P6000 and why I would still choose the P6000 over the Xiaomi.
If you don't care, you can stop reading now.

So. You care? Well, I use WiFi wherever I go. Home, University, in the train, WiFi everywhere. So 3G and 4G are irrelevant. CPU and GPU? I come from the G3. 1GB RAM, dual core CPU and some GPU I don't even know anything about. Works fine for me. I don't need a faster phone, I only want it to last at least equally long as my G3 on a battery charge. I think you can agree that Jiayu and Elephone probably use the same style of branding, so I only need it to be bigger than the Jiayu. Maybe some non-Chinese brand has better batterylife, but it will also have a faster CPU/GPU and some overrated 1080p screen. It is guaranteed to be more expensive. In fact, the Elephone is cheaper than the Xiaomi and that is all I cared about. That, and whether it actually arrives here. :)

By Tweakers user O88088, Monday 4 May 2015 20:50

Wat is er mis met Nederlands?

By Tweakers user GeneralX, Monday 4 May 2015 21:44

Ronald8 wrote on Monday 04 May 2015 @ 20:50:
Wat is er mis met Nederlands?
Ik verwijs je naar de zojuist geüpdatete sectie "About". Grappig, die sectie heeft een Engelse titel.

By Tweakers user stin00, Wednesday 6 May 2015 13:58

GeneralX wrote on Monday 04 May 2015 @ 21:44:

Ik verwijs je naar de zojuist geüpdatete sectie "About". Grappig, die sectie heeft een Engelse titel.

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